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My adventure with music started when I was a little girl and I watched my dad playing guitar with his band, all I remember was that warm feeling inside. I was mesmerised and excited to watch him on stage, it was in that moment I realised that's what I wanted to do.


I was born in Poland on a sunny day in July, I lived with my mum, dad and older brother. I remember my childhood being carefree and happy filled with music, laughter and always singing and dancing.

At the age of 10 I joined the local church choir, and a year later I joined the local community centre where me other kids we were able to showcase our talents to a bigger audience. Around that time I started to write my own songs, but all of them ended up in the bottom of my drawer.


At the age of 16, I got accepted into art school, my main subjects were theatre and cultural management, that year I discovered Mariah Carey who became my biggest inspiration to this day, followed by Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah and Tony Braxton. 90’s music and RnB has always been my favourite.

In 2003 I decided to pack my bags and move to London, the City that changed my life. After my big move, life kind of took over. In 2008 my beautiful daughter was born, and being a partner and a working mother never changed my relationship with music, however, somehow, I stopped chasing my dream.

In 2018, now as a single mum, I met people who reminded me of the dream I once had, people who believed in me and became family.

Music is who I am, it helped me get through my darkest times, life is unpredictable, but if you have a real passion, talent, drive and good people around you, anything is possible, there are no limits, no restrictions.

As a little girl, one of my biggest dreams was to record my music in a professional studio, and now my dream is a reality. It just shows it’s never too late to chase them.