I started writing my own songs from there and it has been an inspiring experience. I find myself sounding like all

these people on one song; I don’t know how.

So my music talks about love mostly; “failed love” or should I say “broken heart”, Hustle, and GOOD VIBES.


Yes! I write not to suit only my feelings or experiences but others as well.


So in every song you’d find maybe just a line relating to me and the rest of the music to other people..  everyone is satisfied The motive of my music is to spread positive vibes and energy across.

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Suzzblaqq is a soul singer songwriter.


I call my style of music “PidginSoul”. Basically pidgin or broken English sang soulfully.

I grew up around a lot of hiphop, I have three elder brothers and growing up it has always been hip-hop and a bit of RnB always playing in the house.


So I grew up not knowing there was actually other genres of music. Whiles in SHS, Aggrey Memorial in the Central Region-Capecoast, I made some friends and I made sure they were music lovers.


I could only vibe with people who love good music. So I learned other genres and I developed love for ASA, LAURYN HILL, BEYONCÉ, our very own EFYA and STONEBWOY, then CHRONIXX and a bit of ERYKAH BADU.