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This guy has actually got a really great, rich tone to his voice. Often this type of hip-hop isn’t focused on the vocal but you can tell that SS is either just wonderfully gifted or knows exactly how to use his voice to create the ideal tone when laying down his lyrics.








The video is basically set in Cuffley United Kingdom and ventilates the current UK vibe with well lit scenes focusing on SS’s (Better Known as SwanSounds) moves and flows to set the right mood. Notice a cameo ft Fazer from NDUBZ rounding off a vibrant and cool video for a cool song.






One of the most ambitious and active music makers of the UK scene, SwanSounds aka SS is the next star you need to know about.









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After his last single “How I Stay” produced alongside the infamous Honeywoodsix, showing the versatility of a young artist making his own lane in the UK Industry, SS (Better know by all as Swan) has come with another “BANGER” called “B£ST LIFE” produced by Honeywoodsix.


SS Explains: Honeywoodsix and myself made this track within the first two hours of us meeting. I remember he pulled up to the label on his motor bike, we played each other some records we were working on at the time and then we just starting working. I remember honeywood started making the beat and I was just bouncing around the studio recording ideas on my phone. I laid down the chorus and first verse that day and finished the second verse a couple days before we shot the video. 

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